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Every eiei oh! trainer and coach is a leader in their field with at least 10 years’ experience and a track record you can check out. Across a range of subjects from business to wellbeing to video making, move towards your goals with our in-depth, top quality courses grounded in knowledge, experience, and proven success.  

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quality production

Making online courses that grab the attention and deliver the information requires the creativity of a BBC-trained, BAFTA-nominated, award-winning producer/director. Neil Ben is your guy. With 30 years’ experience and a background in educational TV, his smart ideas give course work the appeal of a ‘must watch’ box set.

eiei why!

engage • inspire • educate • inform

If you’re not engaged or inspired to learn, what’s the point? You won’t stick with the programme. We use animation, drama and comedy alongside straight-to-camera and ‘chalk and talk’ techniques to illuminate ideas, simplify complexities and bring wit to the learning process, making it memorable and applicable.

eiei oh!

engage • inspire • educate • inform • oh!... the moment you learn something new

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We are here to connect you with information that makes a tangible difference: to your work and life goals, to your skill set, and to your down time. Our trainers offer:

  • Inspiration and know-how for managing your business and finances towards success
  • insight, intuition and support to enhance your physical and mental health
  • Skills that enhance your life in so many ways, from film making to arts and crafts

"I would like to recommend Neil Ben and his Video Workshop which was excellent I learnt so much from. I was so impressed that I also did a two-hour session with Neil when I made four mini videos for my website and media pages."

Karen Charles
Aqua stretch therapist

"Within minutes of the workshop, I started learning some amazingly useful things about the video camera on my phone, and it just carried on from that from there... Superb."

Carl French

"Neil knows his stuff - and then some! I've created some fab videos for my business which I've used to great effect on my website and social media. 100% recommend Neil. "

Helen Say
SEO Expert

eiei you?

What to be one of our experts? If you are at the top of your game, have been working in your field for over ten years and have skills that others can learn from, we are interested in meeting you. Click to drop Neil an email and set up a meeting.

Something for everyone

Grow your business with courses on sales and finance, better yourself with courses on health and wellbeing, or learn a new life skill like film making.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts are special. All our experts have at least 10 years experience working in the field that they are training you in. We don't jump on band wagons and put any course on our platform just to make money. No, we present the very best from the very best trainers.

We believe that people learn best when they are engaged and inspired to better themselves. Most online courses are made up of talking heads, screen recordings and power point presentations because they are quick and cheap to produce. These may be great ways to present information, but not that engaging. 

Here at eiei oh! we like to add animation, comedy and drama into the mix to engage and inspire you.  And, if you are engaged and inspired, you more likely to complete the course than if you are bored.

Yes we are. If you want to see a particular subject covered in an eiei oh! course, or are an expert with a workshop in you, then get in touch. email Neil and let's arrange a call.

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