Academy for Hypnosis - Supervision Community

Connecting to others whilst they learn will encourage your own progress and give those learners confidence that they can do it too.

This is a unique opportunity that is not available in any other training group.


Why join the Academy for Hypnosis Supervision Community

Every member of the community will be invited to visit the occasional session of online courses that I am currently running. This way, people on the course will gain a level of intimacy and connection with you, making it easier for you to study with them outside of the training. This will create a more supportive environment and widen your circle of connections in the hypnosis world.

The “open” sessions will mostly be practice-based, so you do not have to sit through a lesson you have already studied. The only aspect of coming to those training sessions is that you bear in mind we will be doing practice at the level of those students. You will still be invited to share anything that may be appropriate to class as supervision questions.

What do you get from being part of the community?

  1. An invite to visit two fixed sessions of each online training course that is running
  2. An open zoom supervision session with Sharon on months where there are no courses running
  3. The ability to share your wares, books, courses, skills to other members of the community
  4. Bonding with new students, encouraging their growth in the field, and refreshing your learning
  5. The possibility of becoming a guest speaker for the Academy
  6. Recommendations for further book other learning recourse associated with hypnosis
  7. Advanced warning (before anyone else knows) on all future trainings, along with discounts and offers
  8. Connections and networking with fellow students for further study and practice.


Highest Level of Transformation

You will be training to the highest level and will be studying, sharing and practising hypnosis on yourself and your patients from the outset. Correctly used, hypnosis is a wonderful tool for transformation. Our courses go deep. From your first course, you are immersed. Your commitment is rewarded with rapid progress.

Build your own practice, self-esteem and Success

You will be presented with a significant range of techniques for inducing hypnosis and programming change. Your judgement and knowledge of your patients is enhanced. You are able to employ the most suitable options for each and every patient based on your learning and experience.

Recognised And Certified, Your Credibility

Your effort and application reward you with skill, confidence and experience at every level. When you successfully complete all your training, you are awarded a hypnotherapy diploma qualification that is recognised and certified by major hypnotherapy bodies worldwide.

Pay in $ or £ it's up to you

As long as you remain a member, the monthly membership fee you pay today will be the price you always pay, even if the price goes up in the future.

Pay in Dollars - $33 per month
Pay in Pounds £27 per month


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