The Foundations Of Hypnotherapy - Level 1

A one-month online programme from the Academy for Hypnosis. Designed to equip you to practice hypnosis for self-development and begin working with others.

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Live calls take place on Sunday 9th, 23rd May & 6th June - 4.00 pm London time - 8.00 am Pacific - 11.00 am Eastern
with prerecorded training videos, worksheets and practice between live sessions

Why train with the Academy for Hypnosis

If you intend to become a hypnotherapist, add hypnosis to your clinical practice in dentistry, medicine, surgery etc. or simply practice self-hypnosis to achieve your personal and career goals, then Academy For Hypnosis training courses are for you.

Online Training, Your Way Forward

Our e-learning portal and proven teaching methods are your gateway to success in hypnotherapy training and practice. Our courses are accessible wherever you are, at your convenience. Each tutorial includes the theory, principles and practice of hypnotherapy, with time for Q & A’s and feedback.

Highest Level Of Transformation

You will be training to the highest level and will be studying, sharing and practising hypnosis on yourself and your patients from the outset. Correctly used, hypnosis is a wonderful tool for transformation. Our courses go deep. From your first course, you are immersed.

Recognised And Certified, Your Credibility

Your effort and application reward you with skill, confidence and experience at every level. When you successfully complete all your training, you are awarded a hypnotherapy diploma qualification that is recognised and certified by major hypnotherapy bodies worldwide.

Sharon Waxkirsh

This Certified programme will be lead by Sharon Waxkirsh BA HONS CHT MHT HBCE. 

Sharon lectures and teaches the principles and practice of clinical hypnotherapy for health care workers in the UK and the USA. She is a regular presenter at conferences and seminars for the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE), IHMDP, the World Aesthetic Congress, the Dental Professionals Association, the British Association for Dental Nurses  and the British Dental Technicians Association.

In addition to her Honours BA degree, Sharon holds Master Hypnotherapy and HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator certifications. She is fully insured and registered with the General Hypnotheraphy Register and the ICNM.

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Intensive Learning, Rapid Progress over 3 levels

After this level 1 programme - Foundation of Hypnotherapy, you are able to use hypnosis to benefit yourself and transform the lives of your patients. After level 2, you will regularly practise hypnosis for yourself and your patients and develop your signature style of practice. When you complete your third and final level you will enjoy the benefits of providing a full hypnotherapy service in your growing business and career. You will be invited to progress to the next level after completing level 1.


Level 1 - Foundation of Hypnotherapy 


  1.  History of hypnosis

  2. What is hypnosis?

  3. The trance experience

  4. Preparation for deepening the trance state

  5. Deepening the trance state

  6. Testing responsiveness / suggestibility

  7. Induction of hypnotic states, deepening procedures, and trance terminations

  8. Improvisation in induction and scripts

  9. Self-hypnosis

  10. The Elman Technique

  11. Various inductions

  12. Note-taking skills

* hours include 3 x 4-hour live Zoom calls, pre-recorded training videos, downloadable pdfs, and practice with other members of the programme.

Online learning

Course content will be delivered via an online training platform.

The 4-hour practical session will be delivered over Zoom on Sunday 9th, 23rd May & 6th June

4.00 pm London time - 8.00 am Pacific - 11.00 am Eastern

You will be given access to a training platform where you will find your weekly homework tasks, additional pre-recorded training, have access to videos, downloadable scripts, assessments and replays of all the zoom calls.

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starting May 2021

2x monthly payments of $275
1x payment of $495, saving $55
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Live calls take place on Sunday 9th, 23rd May & 6th June - 4.00 pm London time - 8.00 am Pacific - 11.00 am Eastern
with prerecorded training videos, worksheets and practice between live sessions

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