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What's the difference between a Videographer and a Director?

Jan 22, 2021

And why being called a videographer upsets me

What is a videographer? A videographer is a person who works in the field of videography and video production. They record moving images and sound on videotape, disk, other electro-mechanical devices.

Should I get upset when I get called one? "Hell Yes"

And you should get upset too if people call you by the wrong job title.

This is not intended to sound like bragging, but I am a multi award-winning television and video director, I've got a BAFTA nomination, a Royal Television Society award, two Japan prizes for education. I've worked for the BBC and have an FSB award for Business Innovation... So I kind of know what I'm doing.

So when someone calls me a videographer it dilutes by brand. 

Calling me a videographer is like calling a Savile Row tailor a machinist.

As a producer-director I do a lot of things I can:

  1. help you tell your story
  2. help you generate ideas
  3. find you a great cast
  4. write your scripts
  5. direct you, actors, presenters and crew
  6. edit your videos
  7. operate a camera (videography)
  8. help you with your video marketing
  9. help with your YouTube Channel
  10. coach you to be confident in front of camera.

And that's me just getting started, and videographer is just one of those things.

If you are an expert in what you do, do not allow people to dilute your experience by calling you something that you are not. Stand up for your position, your job title and your skills, because people will trust you and elevate you and think "yes" that is the guy I want to work with.

I don't want to work with a machinist or a videographer because maybe they will able to cut my jacket or shoot me some video some footage, because they only offer part of the service I require.

So if you offer a quality service, your job title needs reflect your quality. Do not stand for anything other that what you want to be called.

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