How to be Confident on Camera and

get the recognition you deserve

Scared to be on camera?

Do you feel you could earn more money, attract higher quality clients and make a bigger difference if only you had the confidence to be more visible? But...

  • you refuse to step in front of a camera, because you're just too scared
  • think you look shocking and sound terrible on video
  • are unsure what to say, where to look or what to do with your hands

Discover the ONE THING you can do that will reduce your fear, enabling you to talk to camera in a way that will engage and inspire your audience.

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About Neil Ben

Neil is a BBC trained, BAFTA-nominated Producer / Director and has worked in Television and Video Production for over 30 years.

As well as the BAFTA nomination he has won awards from the Royal Television Society, the Japan Education Television Prize (twice) and received an FSB for the innovative way he helps businesses use video.

Out of the 1000s of people he has directed, not one has been disappointed with the results he has helped them achieve.

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