How to make professional videos using your iPhone

From award winning Director Neil Ben


Learn how to get the most out of the video camera on your iPhone.

From basics skills like setting focus and exposure on the phone to pro skills like lighting and framing. And then, once you've mastered filming, we look at the type of videos you could make.

Course contents

  • The basic of filming with your phone
  • Selecting the video camera
  • Using zoom and wide angle
  • Filming yourself with the front or rear camera
  • Setting focus and exposure
  • Recording your videos
  • Filming with your phone the next level
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Sorting out sound
  • Lessons in lighting
  • Accessories
  • Framing
  • Videos you can shoot yourself
  • Expert videos
  • Video blogs
  • Welcome videos
  • Demo videos
  • What is possible
  • Planning your videos
  • Finding your style
  • What video is best for you
  • Generating ideas
  • Getting to grips with scripting
  • Scripting in detail
  • Where to shoot your videos
  • Why it's worth all the effort

Learn the skills for a faction of the cost

A video production company will charge you between £250 - £3,000 to make you a video... This course is going to cost you considerably less and you can make as many videos as you want.

Expert tuition

This course and has been created by BBC trained, BAFTA nominated Producer / Director - Neil Ben. Neil has work in television and video production for over 30 years.

If you want to learn how to…

shoot professional looking and sounding videos on you iPhone or iPad

find your style, plan, script and shoot your own videos

shoot how to videos, video blogs, info and expert videos

The Easy-Pro Video online programme is for you as the power is in your hands – literally

As you will hear for two of my students below


The step-by-step programme that turns you into a Video Director


Once you know how to film your own videos, you can produce as many as you want, without spending a fortune on hiring a professional production company.

Put your hand in your pocket...

... and pull out your smartphone. Most smartphones have a camera that can shoot higher definition video then the cameras I used to use whilst directing at the BBC. All you need to do is know is how to use it properly... Then you can create your videos yourself and that's what the Easy-Pro Video Online Programme is all about.


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