Want to keep up with the internet video revolution?

Get all the skills you need to achieve video mastery with award-winning BBC director Neil Ben


Why pay the sky high rates of professional video production companies?

When you can create fantastic content over and over again with your smartphone, webcam or tablet


You’ll learn the following…

Video Shooting Expertise

In short – everything technical you need for great shooting and amazing videos. Get to pro standard in next to no time.

Unstoppable Confidence

Drop the procrastination and get the support you need to become the star of your own productions.

Learn through Sharing

Pool your knowledge and advance faster, together in the weekly mastery zoom calls.

Why is the Smartphone Video Mastery Group Right for You?

Many people try shooting video on their phone for fun. Simple little films of the kids or a day out to show your friends. It’s as easy as pointing the camera in the right direction and pushing a button.

With their new found enthusiasm, they’ll often charge off and use their growing skills to create videos for their business.

But something doesn’t quite work. It could be…

  • That they’re unhappy with the results
  • That no one looks at their videos online
  • That they have no idea how to get better
  • That they’re good at shooting but rubbish at talking
  • That they have no ideas

Because Neil Ben has been writing, directing and winning awards for the television and videos he produces – he’s encountered every single one of these problems.

And now – you can get your hands on his real-world expertise and practical knowledge to overcome these problems and start shooting videos like a pro.

TheVideo Mastery Group Gives You…

All these amazing benefits:

  • Access to a library full of technical and mindset resources
  • Regular challenges to progress your video making skills
  • Support, Q&A, feedback and connection to our community through private group
  • Weekly Zoom calls with Neil Ben and the rest of the community, focussing on techniques, ideas and topics to help you move on in your video mastery journey
  • Discounts on other online programmes created by Neil Ben

"Neil's courses are amazing. It feels like he is there with us on our journey, guiding us through each step. I've not got on with tech before AND I'm dyslexic so am very, very proud with what I have achieved with his expertise."

Lajina Leal
Cookery expert

Your monthly membership will never increase

The monthly membership you pay when you join will never change as long, as you remain a member. Even when the membership cost increases.

Your Trainer - Neil Ben

Neil is a BBC trained BAFTA-nominated Producer/Director. He has been working in television and video production for over 30 years, specialising in creating content that engages, inspires, educates and informs.

He has been running live workshops, teaching business owners how to use their smartphones to make business videos for over 7 years, helping them make a massive difference to their marketing.

He is also a father of two teenagers, does stand-up comedy and likes wearing waistcoats.


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