60-day Video Mastery Programme that will get you creating Engaging and Inspiring videos

To help you attract high paying clients 

In just two months you will become
Camera Confident - Technology Confident - Message Confident

With BAFTA  nominated Writer and Director Neil Ben


Use video to attract clients who will happily pay you your true value

With the Video Mastery Programme you will get the confidence to step in front of the camera and be amazing. In no time at all you will be creating engaging and inspiring videos that enable you to communicate your message clearly, confidently and authentically to your audience, helping you attract those high paying clients and be seen as the expert you are.

Just £595, includes 60 days FREE membership to the Video Mastery Group

Training is delivered over 60-days  as a combination of online training, motivational emails, and weekly live Q&A sessions. You also get three 1-2-1 coaching calls with Neil, including a 25-minute welcome call, a 60-minute scripting/ideas call, and a 60-minute editing session. 

Building your skills


  • Confidence
  • Build your confidence with technical skills
  • Build your confidence in front of camera
  • Style
  • Find the presenting style that fits you best
  • Find the video style that shows you off at your best
  • Message
  • Get clear on your message so it's easy to communicate what you do
  • Generate ideas that engage and inspire your audience
  • Learn how to create scripts that are focused and easy to remember 
  • Create videos
  • To enhance your website
  • To share on Social Media
  • To grow your YouTube channel
  • To educate and inform your tribe
  • To raise your profile as the go to person in your field of expertise
  • Direction
  • You will be supported in your journey by BAFTA nominated director Neil Ben
  • How to talk authentically in front of camera
  • How to engage your audience
  • How to appear confident and comfortable
  • How to be seen as the expert that you are without trying

The stress-free approach

When you start making videos there is a chance they're not going to be very good. But every video you make as part of the Video Mastery programme will be a little bit better than the last. 

When you make a video (and post it in the VIdeo Mastery Community) Neil and other members of the community feedback on things that you did well and things you could do even better. We look at any issues you have (technical, content and presenting wise), and improve those one step at a time, one video at a time, so gently you'll hardly notice you're learning and improving.

 Lajina Leal
Cooking expert

Neil's courses are amazing. He is there with us every step of our journey. I've not got on with tech before AND I'm dyslexic so am very, very proud with what I have achieved with his expertise.

Helen Say
SEO Expert

Neil knows his stuff - and then some! After learning from Neil I have created some fab videos for my business which I've used to great effect on my website and social media.

Why does the programme work so well?

Neil believes that a creative spirit lives inside each and every one of us.

However, all too often nerves, self-doubt and a lifetime’s worth of saying “I can’t” blocks this playful energy. Too many people get stuck endlessly worrying about what other people might think of their creative work are afraid to put themselves out there.

Over his 30-year career sitting in the director’s chair, Neil developed the ability to help people get out there own way. You see, when you catch someone in a natural moment – just being free to talk without worry or hindrance - they’ll tell you’re their story, make you smile and touch your emotions.

This is the approach Neil takes with you. He helps you become the best version of yourself in front of camera. No special tricks, no over production, just you, talking from the heart to attract the kind of clients you want to work with.

Who is Neil Ben?

Neil is a BBC trained, BAFTA-nominated Producer / Director with over 30 years working in Television and Video Production.

He has won awards from the Royal Television Society, Japan Education Television (twice) and received an FSB for the innovative way he helps businesses use video.

Since 2010 Neil has been using his multi-award winning writing and directing expertise to help business owners get confident in front of camera so they can make engaging and inspiring videos.

Just £595, includes 60 days FREE* membership to the Video Mastery Group

Training is delivered over 60-days  as a combination of online training, motivational emails, and weekly group Q&A and support sessions.

You also get three 1-2-1 coaching calls with Neil, including a 25-minute welcome call, a 60 minute scripting/ideas call, and a 60-minute editing session.  

* As part of the Kickstart programme you get a free 60-day trail to the Video Mastery Group, which will then be charged at £30 per month after the trial period. You can stop your membership at any point and you will still have access to the Video Mastery programme content, but will be unable to post your videos in the community to receive feedback.


He was in several scenes, he played a minister in the Ministry of Magic, he was holding his wand up to the sky with loads of others when Dumbledore died, and he was somewhere in the streets of London when Harry, Hermione and Ron where trying to escape Voldemort.


I'm not surprised. He was a supporting artist, in the background with hundreds of other supporting artists hoping to be seen, while the stars were up front in the spotlight.

It can be like that in business too. You're fighting stand out from loads of other businesses who do the same as you. But sadly no one sees you which means you are unable to demand the higher fees. Master video, step into the spotlight and make a difference to you, your business and the people you serve.

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